Cape Breton Centre for Heritage & Science

The Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science is located in the Lyceum, 225 George Street, Sydney. The Lyceum was built on an empty lot next to Sacred Heart Church. Branch 189 of the Grand Council of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association of Canada (CMBA) had owned the land. For years their building stood on the south side of the Lyceum. The trustees of the CMBA Sydney Branch, who were Fr. MacAdam, Allan MacIntyre and Edward Hanrahan signed the property over to the Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish for $4, 000 by the deed dated July 16th, 1903. The original cost estimate to build the Lyceum was $30, 000 which escalated to $37, 000. The work was completed on May 19th, 1904.

Boardmore Theatre Exhibit:

Tells the story of Liz and Harry Boardmore, who came to Sydney to teach theatre at what was then Xavier Junior College.

They stayed for 26 years and left a thriving theatre community behind. The exhibit looks at their history, at the Boardmore Theatre at CBU, and the influence their work had on so many people.

Hours of operation:

Fall and Winter 2016/17


1pm – 4pm

Tuesday – Friday

10am – 4pm


The Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science welcomes¬† to our museum –The Cape Breton Genealogy and Historical Association. They will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 3pm to assist researchers in their genealogy quests. Volunteer staff will be on hand to help along ¬†with two computer terminals to visit the genealogy association website