Old Sydney Society

The Old Sydney Society was established in 1966 to preserve St. Patrick’s Church, but over the years it has assumed much broader objectives. We are incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia as a not-for-profit volunteer organization. Our objectives as stated in our constitution and by-laws are:

  • To preserve and restore landmarks in and around Sydney.
  • To place appropriate markers at places of historical interest in and around Sydney.
  • To publish information on places of historical importance in order to stimulate interest in the history of Sydney.
  • To support and oversee the museums under jurisdiction of the Society.

The Old Sydney Society owns and operates St. Patrick’s Church Museum, operates the Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science in the Lyceum, operates Cossit House for Nova scotia Museum and cooperates with Jost House Foundation.

Vision: The Old Sydney Society is a leading force in engaging the entire community in the appreciation of our heritage.

Mission: The Old Sydney Society collects and preserves our cultural and natural heritage and presents it in an accurate and vibrant way.